Mission Statement

Womily aims to design and develop quality products for children and parents that are currently missing from their daily lives. Our mission is to be recognized within the marketplace as an innovator who creates products that have appropriate form, fit, and function. Womily will be known as one of the lead developers of products, which draw upon day to day life experiences for innovation and solutions to gaps in the marketplace. All of our products will be produced to the highest quality level and backed by the brand of Womily throughout their lifecycle. The founder of Womily will share her personal experience and knowledge with a greater group of many through the products Womily develops.

For Womily employees, Womily will create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Womily will cultivate a culture that respects diversity, dignity and the shared values of community and family. Womily will carefully balance the exchange between work and family as the business grows and develops. Womily will respect the laws, customs, and values of its host communities and work to enrich those communities through the participation of our employees in civil society and through our financial support of community aspirations. Womily will act in an ethical and professional manner related to all elements of our business practice ranging from the products Womily produces to the customer it sells to.